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The Difference between Ombre, Balayage, Dip Dye and Frosting


Frosting came first. Back in the days of the old cap highlights when everyone wanted bleached hair, this technique was used on people whose hair was too short to pull through the dreaded rubber torture hat. Hair would be hairsprayed up on end and bleach would be scrunched into the tips. This technique was also referred to as “shoe shine”. It was later used to colour the tips of people’s hair regardless of how long or short it was.

1) Cap high lights 2) Frosting / Shoe Shine 3) Frosted Ends


Stylists then got creative with the idea of colouring the ends of the hair and Dip Dye was born.
The idea was to make hair look as if it had been dipped into colour.

1) Dip-dyed pink 2) Dip-dyed Ice Blue 3) Dip Dyed Copper (using bleach and no toner)


This trend was launched in 2014 but took salons by storm across the globe in 2015. The idea was to adapt the look in picture 3 above to create a better blend and lighter ends.
As this look meant that clients could go weeks or months between having to have it touched up, it was the most popular colouring service by far.


Hairdressing has to adapt in order to keep the red carpet looking fresh. So what do you do when you've nailed the perfect hair colour?
You mix it up and get creative.
Balayage is a stylist's dream. It's all about freehand, creative painting techniques.
Essentially a talented stylist will be able to give you flawlessly blended hair from brown to blonde with the most delicate high lights imaginable.


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